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Willowmere Water - Fly fishing only.


Chasewater - Fly and Coarse fishing permitted.


Whilst coarse fishing.....

The use of keepnets is discouraged to avoid unnecessary stress to fish.

The use of ground bait is allowed but its use must be kept to a minimum.

No trout to be taken from the Waters when coarse fishing..


Whilst Fly Fishing

Fish limit – Only 2 fish can be taken by any full member in any one week. Any subsequent visits in the same week must be 'catch and  release'.


All Waters

1. Guests can be taken BUT a member of the committee MUST be contacted beforehand to get permission. The same guest must not attend with a member on more than 2 occasions in a season. Full Member's guests are only allowed to fish 'catch and release' and must leave the water when the member leaves.

2. Fishermen and any guests must have left the water by published lighting up times i.e. No night fishing.

3. No rubbish or abandoned tackle to be left on the banks, in boats, bothys or on the farmland.

4. Membership card to be carried when on the waters and surrendered on demand for inspection.

5. Respect for other anglers, the farm property and neighbours to be shown at all times.

6. Care must be taken in handling fish and they must be returned to the water or when appropriate dispatched, as soon as possible.

7. Barbless hooks to be used on all occasions.

8. No fishing during the 'closed season'....1st January to 28th February


Infringement of these rules and/or the constitution may result in disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the Club.