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Constitution of the Willowmere Angling Club  - (Revised October 2014)


Section 1: Name & Legal Standing

The club shall be called “The Willowmere & Chasewater Angling Club” The Club is not affiliated to any other body. The club waters presently constitute Willowmere and Chasewater Lakes located near the village of Writtle. The Willowmere Lake is solely for the purpose of fly fishing and Chasewater Lake mixed fly and coarse fishing.

The liability of the executive and members will be limited only to the assets of the Club. The executive and members are not legally responsible for The Waters or its associated land nor do they have a legal claim to any part of The Waters or its associated land. The Club, its executive, and any committees, shall not in any way be responsible or liable for any accident or injury caused to any person or their property, whilst in or about exercise of the privileges hereby granted.


Section 2: Purpose

Willowmere & Chasewater angling club aims to develop a fishery that maintains a balance between a picturesque environment and exceptional fishing, thus giving the angler a place to that takes him away from the pressures of work and into the heart of the natural world. Our primary intent shall be to manage and improve the waters, making this facility available for trout and coarse fishing to approved member of the public wishing to join the Club by purchasing an appropriate annual fishing/membership permit.


Section 3: Location/ Direction.

The Waters are located on farmland at Newney Green near the village of Writtle within 4 miles of Chelmsford in Essex. They are accessible via a farm access road off Victoria Road.



Section 1: Number of Members

The maximum number of members/fishing permits to be sold in any year will be set by the committee.


Section 2: Membership Requirements

Membership which is renewable on an annual basis shall be open to anglers at the discretion of  the committee whose decision shall be final.

Any Member found by the Club to have acted in a manner detrimental to the Club, will be liable to expulsion or suspension at the discretion of the Committee.

Membership cards if issued must be carried by each member whilst using the Clubs facility; the card must be surrendered to any Club bailiff, officer or other member on request for inspection.

Membership cards are not transferable unless agreed in writing by the Finance Officer.

All members must ensure that they purchase a valid Environment Agency Fishing Licence.

As we are an unincorporated association the members agree to indemnify the committee against claims of personal liability.


Section 3: Annual Membership Fee’s

The amount of all fees shall be defined by the committee and communicated to members as soon as practical in an appropriate manner. .

Membership may be ‘full’ membership which allows both game and course fishing on all of the waters or ‘Coarse only’ membership for Chasewater.

All Membership Subscriptions must be paid on or before the end of February and fishing must not be commenced before fees are received by the finance officer.

The season starts on 1st March and runs until the 31st December. There is a mandatory closed season outside of these dates.


Section 4. – Termination of Membership

Club membership may be terminated following a unanimous vote of the committee at their meeting.

The following reasons may be taken into account but are not exhaustive.

Failure to pay dues before commencing fishing.

Violation of Club rules or spirit of the constitution.

Any act prejudicial to the good order, discipline or camaraderie of the club


ARTICLE III– Officers, Elections, Vacancies,

The committee will be composed of 6 officers who will manage the club. The Committee will at date of writing comprise, President, Treasurer, Secretary, Environment Officer and Social secretary. The Committee may co-opt other members onto the committee as considered appropriate. The composition and election of committee members will be at the discretion of serving members of the committee. The Committee will at their discretion appoint bailiffs who will carry out activities as defined by the committee.


ARTICLE IV – Removal from Elected Office

Any elected official of the club may be removed from office by the committee for violation of the club constitution and rules or for other reasons, which would justify termination of membership of any member.  Removal from office will not constitute automatic termination of membership.


Article V – Constitutional Amendments

Any proposed amendments to this constitution must be agreed by the full Committee and minuted and who shall publish the changes on this web site and announce the changes at the Annual General Meeting, or as soon after agreeing the amendments as possible by way of a blog.


Article V1 – Financial Records

The Finance Officer shall maintain suitable financial record of transactions involving Club funds and is authorised by the committee to be named as 'Treasurer of the Willowmere and Chasewater Angling Club' for purposes of administration of all aspects of the clubs' bank account as agreed and minuted at the 1995 AGM. Additionally, the Finance Officer is authorised to hold a debit card for the club's bank account as agreed and minuted at the 2017 AGM.



Willowmere and Chasewater Angling Club - General Data Protection Regulation Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already in force with compliance set for 25 May 2018.

The Willowmere and Chasewater Angling Club holds personal data with regard to each member’s contact details. Name, address, telephone number, email and membership status.

The data is retained electronically with access restricted to committee members. We do not use or allow to be used any member’s information by third parties nor for any marketing emails. We use the data to facilitate issue of club news and events, information on fees and minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Information on members, as defined above will be retained throughout the duration of their membership. Lapsed member’s information will be retained for 3 years following their departure from the club.

Each member past or present has a right to request details regarding the personal information we hold about them. Such requests should be made to a committee member who will responded to the request within one calendar month.